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Bitters the Greater Good

Why bitters? ...Reviving the natural forgotten flavors of the past. Those taste's that are familiar to us on a cellular level, kind of like Déjà vu.... It's like when we taste something new that we recognize but just cannot place. Bitters are used to add a "zing" in a cocktail; a flavor to a meal or perhaps just what the doctor ordered to fix that pesky digestive problem. Today this seems to plague so many who's body continues to reject the food like products mixed up in some laboratory packaged for the masses.

This makes bitters in the broader sense, much more than just a flavoring that balances the sweet liqueur; the wild plants we use highlight some of the most important medical actions brought to us by tonic herbalism. The way nature intended them to be used. All mountain apothecary's approach is natural the way it use to be. if you have something going on lets chat and try to figure out what dietary supplement may be right for you.

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