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This blend was developed in conjunction with the THE YOGA DECK and highlighted during the monthly summer meditation series. It's a proprietary blend of wild foraged herbs that calm the nerves and enhance the mood. During these times when the moon seems to bring about restlessness and anxiety this will soon become a favorite for anyone looking to go green and follow natures path. The full moon elixir will be a fast favorite addition to your home based apothecary. Check out the YOGA DECK on FACEBOOK give her a follow. Hope to see you in the moon light for meditation during this summer meditation series.

All Mountain Apothecary A brief look into the blend: Blue Vervain has a host of influences including help with: Headaches. General aches and pain. Insomnia. Digestive dysfunction. Upper respiratory tract symptoms. Urinary tract infections. Depression and anxiety. Lady Slipper is used to treat insomnia, emotional tension, hysteria and anxiety. Use it internally for treating nervous tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia and tension headaches. It is useful for insomnia, anxiety and depression. St. John's Wort, is most commonly used for "the blues" or depression and symptoms that sometimes go along with mood such as nervousness, tiredness, poor appetite, and trouble sleeping. There is some strong scientific evidence that it is effective for mild to moderate depression. FULL MOON Elixirs are alcohol based extracts and should be avoided by women who are pregnant. Anyone taking anxiety medications should consult there primary physician to make sure that the St. johns wort does not affect there medication in an adverse way. That being said any time you incorporate a new dietary supplement into your system. you should do research into some of the other areas and affects it can have on the body.

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