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Micro dosing your way back to perfect health.

It's never too late to take your health back. Understanding how to start is another matter. In today's fast paced world, our need for proper nutrients is definitely one largest hurdle. First of all what are nutrients? Nutrients are "A substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life." How do we get these proper essential building blocks back into the body to achieve overall good health and vitality. We have to understand where these building blocks are available. Most of the foods we have access to lack these necessary micro nutrients that over time cause all DIS - EASE with our system. This causes the overall break down in our body's never ending restructuring. ....let that sink in for a moment. If your not able to acquire the necessary components needs for your yearly rebuild. Over time your body breaks down stealing things, ... borrowing from other areas to make up for these deficiencies. All major agriculture farming feed there crops with chemical based NPK: Nitrogen, potassium, Phosphorous. While all the micro nutrients have long been depleted from the soils and are no longer available for these plants. This is the source of our problem. But there is hope these are still out there for us to seek out and add to the body through Micro-dosing with wild foraged teas. Wild plants seek out these micro nutrients, and they are bio-available and easily assimilated by the body to help build better health and well being. In the next couple blogs we will dive into how to go about turning our health around with the use of wild tea's and elixirs.

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